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Audio - E Series
These selections consist of a series of recorded talks, which demonstrate practical evangelism in action. You will hear real people presenting the issues involved and hear the right way to respond in actual situations. Evangelism is not optional, but a necessary part of the one true Faith. You will get real-world practical advice on what to do and how to do it.
E1 - For the Jew
The follower of modern Judaism presents a unique challenge to the Catholic evangelist. Unlike the Protestant, little "common ground" can be exploited. In this SELECTION, which includes both a conversation and some formal instruction, various approaches and tactics are suggested, based primarily upon the defects of Judaism and universal human attributes.
E2 - One Inch Away
John was by his own admission "one inch away" from leaving the Church and becoming some type of Fundamentalist. A seminarian supporter of ARM heard about John and put him on the phone with Vin. In this conversation, John is confronted with the defects of the Fundy "faith" and challenged to seek the truth in Rome. You'll hear why (and how) he was convinced to come home to Rome. A PERFECT example of how to handle the weak "Catholic" who may be falling away!
E3 - Nun-sense
A postulant of the Sisters of Charity had a few troubling questions concerning the effort to convert others. As we can never change another person's will, why bother to try? And what is the role or value of prayer for the conversion of another? These and numerous similar questions were asked and answered in a series of conversations.
E4 - Transition
Apologetics and evangelism may be considered as two sides of the same coin. Apologetics should always lead into evangelism. It is not enough merely to defend the Faith; we Catholics need to spread it, too. However, making the transition from one effort into the other is sometimes very difficult. This talk given to a Catholic lay group in Wisconsin outlines a very specific and easy to master program by which this transition can be made.
E5 - The Triple I
This live talk (subtitled: "Why be disagreeable...and how!") gives an overall view of apologetic/evangelistic efforts by identifying the three essential parts and detailing how to use the "rules of engagement" to draw essential distinction between Catholic and non-Catholic positions. This product includes part of a question and answer session.

Audio - H Series

The ONLY course designed to teach you how to become an evangelist for the True Faith.

This set was devised by: a committee of committed concerned lay Catholics who wanted to "do something" about the state of the Church but had no practical expertise (like you?); the late Father Peter Cody (pastor of St. Charles Borromeo in Dover Plains, NY); and the experts at ARM. Therefore, there was input from clerical and lay experts as well as the average Catholic. This prevented the course from being too technical at one extreme, and not informative enough at the other.

Each 90-minute track consists of a 45-minute lecture, and then the toughest questions you will ever run into on that particular subject, and how to answer them the way an expert would. Each session was recorded live at the Church, in the presence of regular Catholics, just like you! The goal is to give you a sense of how to present Catholic truths to non-Catholics so that they will understand and accept. We emphasize again that this course was designed for YOU—the average Catholic. YOU do not need any previous information, or any specialized knowledge, or any prior training. The course is designed to be totally practical, and deals only with the most important issues, and the easiest way to present them.

H1 - The Real Value of Truth
Tells you why truth is essential to real Christianity, and why only Rome has it. Everyone says that truth is "important," but this talk shows (1) why ONLY Catholics really mean it when we say it; and (2) what it means when we say that truth is essential for salvation. This talk sets the tone for the entire series.
H2 - The Church
What did JESUS say about HIS Church, and how we are to identify Her? What is the role of the Church? Do YOU know that there is ONLY two functions in Her Divine aspects? Can you explain why the Church must be what She is? The analogy of the Church as a court makes this teaching clear and understandable to anyone.
H3 - The Bible
What is the Bible really for? How did it come about? How do you understand its message? This talk explains the proper relationship between the Church and the Bible. Also gives a brief history of this most important book.
H4 - Salvation
The key issue and how it differs from redemption and justification, the role of virtues. This talk gives a clear explanation of the interrelationships between the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity: explaining how they are interdependent upon each other, AND how all three are necessary for salvation.
H5 - The Blessed Mother
YOU can not be an evangelist and NOT be able to explain why She is truly called the "Gate of Heaven," and we are commanded to honor Her. This selection explains why veneration of the Blessed Mother is essential to Christianity, and gives a suggestion for a "natural law" defense of the Immaculate Conception.
H6 - Purgatory & Tradition
If you lack some of the Biblical proofs for the establishment of the validity of these dogmas, this selection will help. Moreover, it also offers an ARM technique to establish Catholic proofs by avoiding "difficult" words and by using the "something else" approach.
H7 - Statues & Saints
Devotions to the saints are NOT an "allowable" custom of true Christianity! They are an inseparable and essential part of it! Nor are statues and Catholic heroes something which one can "take or leave alone". If you can not defend this view, and primarily from the same Bible which Protestants use to attack these truths, then you need to learn the facts from this talk.
H8 - The Non-Catholic
What is the personality and motivation of the non-Catholic? This pertains especially to the ones who know about Catholicism, and yet refuse to enter the Church. This talk gives you a concept of the basic types. Also it gives insights into the basic nature of human behavior and what motivates EVERYONE. This is essential if YOU intend to attempt conversions.
H9 - Call to Conversion
Why are FEELINGS on our side? In an entirely new approach to presenting the truths of Catholicism to the non-Catholic, this talk suggests that we try to use both feelings AND logic, both intuition AND reason, to help a person accept the truth and the claims of Rome. Also, it includes a summation of the course, and an encouragement to evangelize. YOU will probably need this one talk most of all.